I’ve been compromised

I was looking over my checking account online and notice four transactions in the amount of $20.00 that I had no idea where they came from. -sinking feeling- I called my bank and asked them to give me more information on the mystery transactions. They then forwarded me to the security department and it appears my credit card number has been obtained through some records (somewhere) getting compromised.

In a couple of hours my current bank credit/debit card will become canceled. I will be getting a new card in the mail in about five days (more than likely working days and not the weekend). So tomorrow morning I’m heading up to my bank and requesting an ATM card which they can hand out on the spot to hold me over till the real deal comes in the mail (a week later).

I do everything with my credit/debit card. I use it like a check. I pay for everything online with it and this will be a very big headache to transition through. Oh well, at least it wasn’t identity theft… I was just a number on a long sheet on numbers.

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