Scandal at the office over money

My fellow employees found an article in the local Kansas City Star newspaper that just plain got everybody disgruntled. The article lists the Area manufactures ranked by number of local employees. Here is a copy of the ranking – click on it to make it larger to read. We ranked number 12 you’ll have to scroll down to see it.

KC Star Area Manufacturers

The whole stink of it all was the money amount listed. Everyone saw that and thought “I should get paid a lot more!” and “They should pay off my student loans!” – stuff like that. All the people making the stink know nothing about running a business and haven’t a clue as to what it would take to keep a company as large as ours (employee wise) running for as long as it has. Gill Studios Inc. was founded in 1934 so it’s been around for 73 years now. That says something right there.

I thought it was interesting that Hallmark Cards Inc. was not on the list. But then again this is only for local employees and they have a lot of people spread out through multiple factories not located here in Kansas City.

Oh, and we did a TON of pre-flight today – meaning there will be orders to do in the next few days out the wa-zoo! Usually we do about 10 to 12 pre-flight a day (each) and I did 36 just today alone! That was more that the total of the last few weeks put together! Pre-flight is were we open up customer email/digital art and see if there are any problems with it or concerns before it becomes a real order and it’s worked on by an artist. There are six of us that both pre-flight and are artists. The rest of the room (around 45 people) are just artists.

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