OT for everyone!

This week I put in some mandatory over time (OT). I stayed two hours late on Monday night and then was up at 3:00 AM (yes folks, in the morning) to be at work by 5:00 AM Tuesday. Then on that same day, even though I was there by 5:00 AM I volunteered to stay an additional two hours. So my total for the week is 6 hours of OT. That will make for a nice paycheck next Friday!

So that is my “excuse” for not blogging this week. I didn’t even turn the computer on for two days! I know shocking!I did get the new Nintendo DS game Brain Age 2 and it is much more fun than the first version. I am horrible at math so the first Brain Age intmidated me. The second version is a little less intimitading… even though I did have to play Serial Subtraction (Continuously subtract a small number from a larger one as fast as you can!) and that took forever and really did a bad thing to my “Brain Age” – but if I keep working with it – I’ll get better and increase my basic math skills.

I finally took the plunge last weekend and upgraded my blogging software to the current version (WordPress 2.2.2). I was so afraid it would cause a ton of problems so I put it off for a very long time. It went pretty easy and not any problems so far. I do have to get use to the new way to do Posts (Visual or Code). I always worked in Code before 2.2.2. and I can’t seem to get Visual to work correctly.

However, with the other web site I maintain Let’s Go There – BLOG! it was another story. Actually I think something went very wrong before I upgraded and I was hoping after upgrading it would “take care” of the problem. Well, it did not. I can only use a couple of Themes, any of the others “break” or are just plain jacked up. So I fiddled with it for a couple of days and then just gave up and picked a theme that wasn’t screwed up looking till I had more energy to try and find the problem.

In case any smart Bloggers may be of help… here is what it does. Some themes don’t show the entries, or if they do they are forced down the left sidebar. Other themes show the entries but there is no “page” behind them… so you see the background right through the text – the “page” background stops up at the header. Weird!

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