Bad blogger, bad!

I have neglected my blogging! I had stuff to say just didn’t put it down into words – so here it is in review.

They re-arranged our desks at work to try a new system where we are broken down into “teams.” Each team consists of three artists and one copy checker and we are in a row of desks. I moved from the side of the room to the center of the room and now I share a desk with a night shift person.

The team I’m on is the only team in the room that is sharing with the night shift. All the other teams (6 teams total) have their own desk (double the drawer space). This meant I had to go from a two drawer desk to a single drawer desk. I had some consolidating to do and some throwing away to do as well.

It was good to go through all the crap hanging on the walls and trim it up. The person I share with is clean and organized so that is a perfect match and should work well in the future.

I’ve been enjoying my Wii! I bought Wii Play last weekend so now I have a total of two Wii-motes (their way of saying a remote) – meaning two players can play together. This brings the total of games up to three (Wii Play, Mario Party 8, and Wii Sports which came with the system free).

Last night on the way home from eating with Jim I stopped at Blockbuster and rented Big Brain Academy for Wii so I could see if it was any good and if I would enjoy buying it or not. I’m going to try and rent the games before I buy them so I don’t spend a lot of money on a game “I thought I would like” but end up not enjoying or playing much. I do like Big Brain Academy but just like the version I have for my Nintendo DS, it has way too many talking bubbles from the professor telling you what’s about to happen, what just happened, what you can do, and how you can do the next thing… it just gets old pressing the A button after every little thing he says – and he says a lot!

I mentioned I ate with Jim… it was great! We ate at the sushi bar again – Sakura. We got there at 6:00 which we thought was a little early but we were wrong! We had to wait about 10 minutes for a place at the bar. They have a oval bar with a train track that goes around the center area filled with sushi trays that you can help yourself to. It was packed! We both got the famous Spider Roll (which you have to request – it’s an $8.00 item and not on the train). I don’t think I will get it next time. I’ve noticed the last two times that the Spider Roll is getting VERY small from what it use to be. It used to be worth the $8.00 but now it is so small it isn’t worth the price! Plus they are getting stingy with the soft shell crab (when it’s fried it looks like a fried spider – hence the name)! Prices are based on the kind of tray the sushi is on. They have $1.50 and $2.50 trays on the train. At the end of eating they just total up your trays and that is what you pay. Most of their trays are $2.50 so it adds up quickly.

Well that is pretty much the last two weeks. Not a lot that is exciting but there it is. Now I will try to be a little more diligent this next week!

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