Wii celebrated our Anniversary

Shannon and me celebrated our 4 year Anniversary Thursday. I would have posted it earlier but I’ve been a busy boy! Beware this is a major geek post with lots of “useless” pictures and it’s a little wordy too.

The money I got from doggie sitting got put to use. I made my first (and probably last) purchase off of Ebay. I say last, not because of a bad experience, but because you tend to spend more for the item than you would if you went to the store and bought it. I bought a Nintendo Wii off of Ebay and did pay more for it than at the store but I could not find a store that had any in stock. Apparently as soon as they get five or six Wii’s in the store someone buys them all up (and probably puts them up for auction on Ebay!).

So I had been searching Ebay trying to find a deal. I bid on a couple that were lower than store cost, but quickly got out bid. That was all. No more bidding because it quickly got ridiculous in price. The Wii goes for $250 in all the stores. On Ebay the “brand new – never opened – with store receipt” goes for upwards of $400! It’s just crazy!

I did come across a Wii that only had four minutes left and the bid price was only $200! So I bid on that. Unfortunately the price that the seller had chosen for finally sell price had not been matched yet. So that means bidding would continue past the “clock” time until the “unknown sell price” was matched. So the current bid was $250, so I put in $260 because that was only a little over store price (actually a little less if you included the sales tax you would pay in the store). Some one else bid $270 and so I though what the heck and I put in $275 – and won the bidding on the Wii! I was shocked! So I did pay more than I would have at the store but not insanely more. Unfortunately Ebay makes their money off of shipping charges. So there is where I loose in the deal.

I payed the seller with my PayPal account which is usually the only method accepted because it is safe and secure. This was on Sunday August 5, and the seller then shipped it on Monday morning. The USPS attempted to deliver the package on Wednesday but we were at work so I was going to get it Thursday after work.

So I told Shannon I would not be getting him an Anniversary gift because it would be tight for the next few weeks because I used my extra money for a Wii. Actually he will be using the Wii too so it is really a gift for the both of us. We tend to do that anyway. Like for my birthday I got a dinning room table which was great looking and we needed – and it was for the both of us. We do that a lot and it makes sense.

On Thursday I left Shannon a card in the morning and went to work. I took a half day of vacation because Shannon has Thursdays off and we were going to go out to eat (Shannon was paying). When I got home from work about 11:45 after picking up the Package at the post office, Shannon gave me a gift. I was just about to tear into the wrapping and he said “It’s a good movie – you’ll like it!” and I said “Shannon don’t tell me it’s a movie! Now I know what it is!” Because the shape was that of a DVD case. When I opened it – it was a Wii game I had on my list to buy in the next few months “Mario Party 8”! He tricked me good!

We went out to lunch at 54th Street Bar & Grill and it was very good! Then when we got back home I started the opening and unpacking of the Wii while Shannon went thrift store shopping and mowed the front lawn.

Let the photos begin! Click on any image to view a larger pop up image.

So here it is the picture off of Ebay of the item I bided on and won.
Ebay Photo

The shipping box (the bottom of the box had a tear in it – shown in picture):
Ebay Photo Ebay Photo

Opening the shipping box:
Ebay Photo Ebay Photo Ebay Photo

The damaged corner:
Ebay Photo

Opening the Wii box:
Ebay Photo Ebay Photo Ebay Photo Ebay Photo

Mario Party 8 Game:
Ebay Photo

The contents of Wii:
Ebay Photo

Where the Wii will go:
Ebay Photo Ebay Photo

Here I am at work. I really should have sat up – I look really fat. Well, okay I am really fat. Sitting behind me reading a book is Connie and then behind her is Dave. It was our break and Karen and I just finished a fun game of New Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo DS and she wanted to see my camera. She snapped this picture of me.
Ebay Photo

I haven’t figured out how to get a good image/transfer our Mii’s to the computer so here is a bad photo of the TV showing Shannon’s Mii and my Mii.
Ebay Photo

The Wii came with Wii Sports which is five games (Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis) and they are really fun! I didn’t think they would be very entertaining but I really enjoy playing them. Last night Shannon played boxing and he won both matches (he played the computer). I will need to get another Wii-mote and Nunchuck to have two players play each other.

I definitely feel muscles that I haven’t used in a while after playing a few games. So far I’ve lost one pound from just playing it instead of being a couch potato.

Thanks for bearing with me through this very geeky post.

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  1. I gave up on Ebay years ago. Rife w/so much fraud and drama. I stick to Amazon and am almost always 100% satisfied.

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