Baking like there’s no tomorrow


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I spent Saturday afternoon baking. I made three different items: Rice Krispies Bars, Toll House Cookies, and Cow Girl Cookies. Cow Girl Cookies are just a funny name for oatmeal raisin cookies – just in case you were wondering. I made a 9 x 13 pan of the Rice Krispies Bars, 4 dozen Toll House, and 10 dozen of the Cow Girl Cookies (okay now that is just too many!).

I made the first batch of Toll House “under” baked on purpose so they would be super soft and chewy! Then the second batch was the “normal” baking time. Funny, (odd funny – not funny ha ha) all the cookies look almost burnt but aren’t at all. They are all nice and soft – not hard or crispy at all. All the Cow Girl cookies came out flat. A little disgusting looking if you ask me. My first thought was they looking like little “puke” cookies. At least they are yummy puke cookies!

I can’t figure out what made them so flat though. I bought brand new Baking Soda, so maybe it was the “old” baking powder that I used. Or maybe it was the oven. This really was the first time I made cookies in this oven. It could have been the baking sheets, or maybe the oven liner at the bottom of the oven. I even chilled the dough in between the baking so it would be nice and cold. Who knows, if you do know email me the reason for the flat cookies. Thanks!

I started baking at 1:00 PM Saturday and got finished around 5:30 PM! I was tired of being on my feet and tired of doing the dishes. I had to clean all the baking dishes to use them for the next batch of cookies. I kept a spotless kitchen while making all the cookies – shocking – I know. This is one of those times being a clean freak pays off!

What was the reason for all the baking? I am broke so I needed snacks at work for first break and was craving these cookies so I made them. I didn’t really plan on making 10 dozen of the Cow Girl… the recipe doesn’t say 10 dozen it says 4 dozen. See there are more than one size batch on that recipe and only one quantity at the bottom. I will correct that!

Shannon told me he only liked chocolate chip cookies. Well, he has changed his story! He loves all the cookies and was very afraid he’d eat all the Rice Krispies Bars, so I gave him his own bag of them and that’s all he gets! He said the Cow Girl Cookies taste like Archway cookies. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Today is laundry and paying the bills. Someone stop all the excitement!

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