What’s going on with me…

Well, I have been lazy with the blog posts. That’s very evident. I also have not painted on the house since the last post. We are experiencing a heat wave now, so painting the house is not a good idea. Before our heat wave it was rain, rain, and more rain. Oh, and guess what we are to get tonight and the rest of the week? Rain. Yep this is not going well.

I am also trying to get out of a Budget hell. I am living paycheck to paycheck and just barely making it. I am tired of this and researching how to get out of it. I have found some software called Budget that offers a free trial (yea, free!) so I can see if it will do the job before forking over $20. It’s based on the “envelope” theory which is similar to how I use to budget myself when on Consumer Credit Counciling years ago. I think I need to drop some of my bills if possible. Look for ways to cut back on the spending. All sounds fine and dandy till you try and implement it. It would really help if I got a “Cost of Living” increase at work. We haven’t gotten one ever and the piddly little “raises” in our pay just get ate up by our increased medical insurance costs… which means no increase to the pocket book. I think I’ve figured it correctly and if so I get a .73 cent raise each year (what I make now minus what I started at divided by 15 years of work).

Jaki got her rabies shot last weekend and I got her licensed with Raytown for $5.00 on Thursday. I will have to do that every year now, they just put it into law. Before they didn’t require dogs and cats to be licensed – she always got her rabies shot – just not licensed with the city.

Shannon may get a promotion at work. They want him to apply for it but he doesn’t want to – because it will be a pay DECREASE but more responsibility. That’s Walmart for ya!

Our tomato plants are big but none of the blooms are producing. They just drop off before they produce. What is wrong with that! Our sweat corn is only about a couple feet high and looks more like grass blades. We are learning what works in the garden this year I guess! The herbs are doing great though!

Well just thought I should make a blog post to fill everyone in on a bunch of nothing! LOL I will try to be more current with the blog posts in the future.

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