House Hose job

I took off early today and hosed off the outside of the house in preparation for Primer Paint tomorrow morning! I am kind of excited that the house will finally get painted! I really thought it was never going to happen.

Before I hosed off the front of the house I took off the ugly shutters that were there. Under the “plastic” one next to the bathroom window there were about five old (very old) wasp nests. I’m glad they were old ones and not current homes! That could have been a very bad situation! I had to bust up the plastic shutter to get it off – someone used screws and stripped the heads putting it up.

All the other shutters were wood and quite rotted and only up by two nails each. My little mini crowbar did the job just fine.

I picked up the sticks in the yard and tidied up the area in preparation for Saturday’s painting festivities. I also cleaned the outside and inside of the garage fridge. It was looking kind of nasty. Someone with dirty hands had been opening and shutting the doors and there was mud all over it.

I think this was a good use of a half day of vacation. I’ve even done my check book and paid the bills for next week. Since that stuff is what I usually do on Saturday morning and I will be painting instead. I’ve taken some pictures today and will take more Saturday during the process and post here on the blog.

It also made up for the crappy day Thursday. I feel much better.

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