Crappy Thursday

Yesterday was a bad day. I got jipped out of 15 minutes of my lunch (30 minute lunches at work) because of a meeting I was in ran into my lunch period and I’m on the clock, I got beat (yet again) at Mario VS Luigi by Karen (I think I’ve one once or maybe twice in the week we’ve been playing), when I got home – our microwave was dead (bought about 20 years ago – so it was a matter of time), and I had to sell back one week of vacation because there are too many bills that I can’t pay this month (Jaki’s $200 vet bill – anuall shots, and my Auto insurance).

I just don’t have the money to cover it all. So I sold a week of vacation to pay bills, yea that’s a relaxing vacation! I haven’t had a vacation in over 10 years. I was hopping this year would be different, I guess not. I always end up selling two of the three weeks of vacation I earn. Now I’m left with one week and half a day of vacation to last me till May 26 2008, plus one attendance day – which is like a vacation day. May 26 is my start date and so that is when my vacation time starts too. It’s stupid. It should start January 1st and end December 31st – but no, that would make too much sence.

I’m bitter, tired, frustrated, and just sick of it all.

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