Beautiful Day

Shannon has today off and he’s off somewhere doing something right now. I’ve gotten all the laundry done and lunch out of the way. Jaki is on my lap and curling up for her afternoon nap.

So now I get to just do what ever. I’m going to take pictures of the yard around the house later when the heat isn’t so bad. Or maybe even tomorrow morning when the lighting would be best.

I played PREY again last night. Believe it or not, that was only the second time since I got it that I’ve played. I’ve been trying to play sparingly. Last night was freaky, frightening, and fantastic. At one point these ghost children started taunting me with “I don’t like you!” and “Wanna play!” and then they would through these white static balls at me and kill me. It took forever to get through that area. I couldn’t figure out which weapon would kill them. Finally made it thought and into some really cool areas of the game. Occasionally I think I’ve gone to the wrong area or got lost, till I find the solution and then I’m on to the next puzzle in the game.

I’m gonna have dinner with Jim at 6:00 tonight. We’ll be at Mi Cocina’s. I love that place. Hopefully we’ll have our coffee/tea afterwards like we were suppose to last time but I bailed due to tummy problems.

Diet is going well. I lost half a pound from last week. Not much but at least I lost instead of gain. I officially broke the 200 mark. I now weigh 199.5 pounds.

Shannon mowed last night and the lawn looks fantastic! It has changed a lot in the past three going on four years I’ve lived here. Most of that work is because of Shannon. He works hard on the lawn. I do the inside stuff… he does the outside stuff. It works. Except in the winter time… I have to shovel snow. I lost in that battle.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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