Half Day of Vacation and a ton to do

It was so boring at work. Our work flow has dramatically dropped. We were sitting around with not much to do. So I opted for a half day vacation. I’m using it up pretty early in the year but that’s okay.

I will cut my hair today and get a lot done this weekend. I hope the weather permits the soil to dry out a bit. We need to get some plants and seeds into the ground soon!

I will definately be spending some time at the computer this weekend. My copy of PREY (MAC version here, and PC version here ) came in the mail today (I knew it was a good thing to take off work early!). I can’t wait to play it and see where the story goes.

We have had Gold Finches visiting our Finch feeder. I saw four at one time eating, which took all the open slots on our little feeder. They were very VERY yellow and cool to watch. I think we’ll have a lot more birds at the feeders this summer. It will be one year (about) since I put them up so they pretty much know it’s gonna have food and is a safe place to eat. I put up a little black fence around the base of the deck. Jaki was going under there and I didn’t want her to get hurt or anything while under there. Also cats in the neighborhood were “lurking” under there trying to get the birds at the feeder. I had to put a stop to all that. Plus it adds a nice touch and kind of finishes off the look of the deck. It will help the flowers to grow out away from the deck instead of under it since Shannon planted everything right up to the edge of the deck. Pictures to follow once we get more plants in the ground.

Time to cut my hair, excuse me, and have a great weekend everyone!

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