Sakura was great!

Jim and I ate at Sakura last night and it was fantastic! I got my usual Spider Roll and two orders of Unagi, then what ever looked good off the sushi train. There was one that was very good and I shared a piece with Jim who also liked it very much. Turns out to be called Sex In The City. What a name! It was some vegetables thinly sliced and cream cheese rolled together then rolled in rice then sea weed wrap, then they dip it in tempura batter and quickly fry it. It was wonderful and I plan on getting it again next time.

They had some really unusual things on the sushi train this time. Some good, some not my liking.

Here are some pictures I found on the web of some of the stuff we like to eat. Next time I will take my camera and it will be more accurate! Click on any image to view it larger.

Jim loves these Nigirl-zushi (Mayonaise Shrimp)

Nigirl-zushi (Mayonaise Shrimp)

We both like the Spider Roll

Nigirl-zushi (Mayonaise Shrimp)

I love these Unagi, Jim doesn’t like the texture.

Nigirl-zushi (Mayonaise Shrimp)

I was having trouble with my tummy after lunch so I was afraid I would be unable to go out with Jim to have sushi. Luckily everything mellowed out and I was able to go. I wasn’t going to push it though and have coffee after all that sushi, so we went to Jim’s place and watched a little HD television.

Beautiful day today. I ate breakfast out on the deck. Perfect temperature. I mopped all the floors and did laundry. Shannon’s outside mowing the front and back lawns. I’m getting kind of hungry and hope we go somewhere for lunch. Looking for all those sushi pictures didn’t help matters.

After lunch it’s up on the roof to take the xmas lights down and store them in the basement.

2 thoughts on “Sakura was great!

  1. Sakura rocks. But I’m starting to be a big Umi fan too. Well, have been for a while, although Sakura is now my 2nd favorite and there was a place downtown on Walnut I have no idea what the name of is that we used to go to all the time when I was in respiratory school…

    Have you been to Umi?

  2. Unagi is definitely my favorite sushi item behind hamachi. Do you ever order unagi don as opposed to unagi nigiri-zushi? A huge piece of unagi that you can really dig into, so worth it if you like eel.

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