Progress good.

I am happy with my “YOU on a diet” program. I am not hungry and eating yummy foods and loosing weight gradually along with my waist size coming down. Today I weigh 201 pounds and my waist is 39″ all that from my original start weight of 213 pounds and a waist of 42″. I need to start up the exercise portion of the diet. I have been putting it off. That will increase the progress and help my outlook.

I’m going to have Sushi tonight with Jim at Sakura! I love that place and glad we will be able to catch up on stuff. They have a train that goes in a long oval around a bar with the chefs inside preparing the food. You just take what you want from the train as it goes by. Very fun!

Jim and I plan on coffee afterwards and hopefully the weather will provide a nice relaxing evening so we can people watch and talk. I plan on having a tea of some sort. Coffee makes my tum tum not so happy anymore.

I finally got my new glasses (a second time) back. I only had them for about a week and then went in to see what was up with the blurry vision. Apparently I messed up the eye exam (which made the doctor rather mad) and he had to re-test me and then send the glasses off to get re-made (free of charge)… ooops! I have to learn and tell the doctor that the chart is blurry or sharp. If they want me to “guess” the letters; then I will and I will be accurate even though they are VERY blurry. Since I work with type all day long for the past 14 years I kind of know what possibilities the shape could be and narrow it down and get it right. The doctor thought I was seeing just fine, nice a clear, sharp… when I was seeing blurry letters and guessing the correct letter. He was mad. So now I say they are blurry but I can tell you what letter I think it is. He thought I had memorized his chart to get them correct and see them so blurry.

So the new prescription is just fine. Now I just have to get use to the bifocal part. It can be a little topsy turvy feeling if I turn my head just right while looking at something through the bifocal part.

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