The new desk setup with two Macs

Okay I finally took pictures of the new setup of my two Macs. Here are the pictures, click on any to see it larger.

Here is the original “old” Mac in the corner.

Corner with old Mac

Other corner with new iMac.

Corner with new iMac

Side desk next to iMac.

Desk area next to iMac

Close up of iMac work area.

Close up of iMac

I got my new glasses today. I have updated my little photo over on the right side bar. I will have to adjust slightly to the bifocals but not much. So far I love them!

I’ve also lost some more weight. I weighed myself this morning after eating breakfast and I was at 206 pounds. So that is a good sign. My waist is also a little bit smaller than it was. I was needing some good feedback on the weight stuff.

I’m still having a slight problem with the new computer. I changed my password keychain and it started up the problem of an annoying message asking for a password (for which I do not have). If I click cancel everything is fine. I will pop up in another hour or so and I have to click cancel again. I’m working on finding the answer.

I’m also going to post a review of Vista with Parallels versus Boot Camp in a few days or so.

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