Big purchase or money in – money out.

I checked online and my Federal Tax return showed up in my checking account. So it was time to make the big purchase. I called up my customer representative Gary at MacMall and told him to go with the 24″ iMac system he helped me quote.

Last time I made a fairly large purchase though them (my current computer) I had a problem with daily limits on my debit check card. It was a big mix up but got cleared up within a week. So this time we were ready and I checked with the bank and got my daily limits and I should be okay to buy the whole thing in one pass this time. I won’t find out if there was a problem till Monday.

This is very exciting and scary (all at the same time)! I will have to wait for a week or two since it is a custom build system. Really, they are taking a system that already has the correct amount of RAM on it (2G) and then upgrading the Graphics Card (to 256MB) but that is what qualifies as “built to order.” They will also be installing the Parallels Desktop application and Microsoft Vista Ultimate for me. So when I get it home and pull it out of the box, all I have to do is plug it into the wall and plug my internet cable into it.

I was hoping to get the new Mac OS 10.5 pre-installed on it but who knows when that will be released. Gary also said that if I buy a new Mac fairly soon before the release of 10.5 that MacMall would send me the new OS for free. So I will hope that happens, cause I ain’t waiting for it.

One big purchase down, one to go. Next weekend I will be getting my eyes examined and paying for new glasses and frames ($450.00 or so). Once that is paid for, I will be doing good and have all my worries lifted about not being able to pay for the computer and glasses.

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