Overtime, Bonus, and Sleep (at last!)

I did 6 hours of overtime this week. I could have done 8 but Monday night I just could not stay after work (I had to get to the grocery store and I was starving). Overtime make me grumpy but it is unavoidable and does help pay the bills. Next week we will probably be forced into mandatory overtime which means going into work before work for two hours (instead of the stay after work overtime that is purely voluntary). So I’m sure I’ll see a few days of 5:00 AM work start time. Ugh!

One nice way to end the week was we got our Bonus check Friday! Sad that the money is already spoken for. But that is a good thing. I made my eye appointment and the earliest they could get me in is March 31st (because of a cancelation). So there goes $450.00 of the Bonus money and the rest goes to help with the purchase of the new iMac. Today I have to decide how the budget is going and which iMac I will buy. Do I get the 20″ iMac or the one I really want, the 24″ iMac? The budget will decide. I really think I will be able to swing the 24″ iMac and Shannon agrees that I should try to get it if at all possible because it is the better of the two.

Shannon’s folks made a surprise visit Friday. Luckily I had all the floors done and everything from the last scheduled visit (which they didn’t show). So Shannon only had to do a few last minute pick ups and a major hide all the piles of clothes in his room before they showed.

I went to bed last night at 9:00 PM and didn’t get up this morning till almost 9:00 AM. I was tired. All the overtime does that. I may just be sitting on my butt all day but I am using my noggin a lot! Brain power does take some energy too.

Today will be a good day to get caught up on all the computer stuff for home and to get chores done! It’s suppose to rain and oh by the way:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope everyone remembers to wear some green to keep from getting pinched!

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