Took the day off and they ended up not coming

I took today off work because Shannon’s folks where coming up from Bolivar, Missouri. Well, I find out late Thursday night that they canceled because of the “rain” we were to get today. By the way the sun is shinning right now and it only lightly misted this morning when I got the paper off the lawn. Missouri weather is so hard to predict.

At least the house got a good Spring cleaning for their arrival. Now it will be easier to maintain. I mean, I scrubbed the floors and walls, ceiling fans, you name it! By the way I love Pine-Sol!

So they didn’t show up and I’m off work. I enjoyed sleeping in and I think Shannon and I will be going out for lunch or dinner and maybe some looking at some shops. I’m broke so unless I use a gift card I ain’t buying nothin’. We need a new shower caddy and I have a $40 gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond so hopefully we make it into there and look around.

Next week we are suppose to get our Bonus and our paychecks should reflect our salary increase. I sure hope so. I want to use the Bonus money for the new glasses/frames.

I still haven’t heard from my income tax guy and today is the last of the window they told me to expect a call. I hope they call today and I can go down and sign and pay for doing my taxes. I am definitely doing my own next year with TurboTax! I would already have my money if I had done so this year.

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