Moving Day so soon?

I helped my friends Greg and Ron move today. They had some crap happen at the old apartment they moved into just nine months ago. So they are now in a duplex over on the west side of town. Actually very close to my friend Bense (about a block away).

They had scheduled the move yesterday but when we woke up it was a blizzard out side. It didn’t accumulate and did get into the low 40’s later in the afternoon but moving was postponed until this morning. Greg and Ron did get a lot of stuff moved on their own Saturday but the bulk was moved today. I even broke in the Honda Element and moved all the delicate electronic equipment and lamps. I flipped the two back seats up and made a nice deck to load all the stuff onto.

It took about an hour to load everything up at their old apartment and then only about a half hour to unload it into the new duplex. Greg and Ron graciously took me out to lunch for helping. I didn’t really help as much as I would like to have. I have to watch the heavy lifting because of my back. So I stuck to the light stuff.

They have a lot of stairs in the Duplex. This will be like a workout for them just living there. And Ruffus and Fiona will have to be careful till they get used to hard wood floors. They have only known carpet so it will be a surprise to them. Here is a picture of Rufus and Fiona. Click on it to see a larger view.



One thought on “Moving Day so soon?

  1. Hello Steve, both Ron and I are very tired this Sunday morning. We have been moving out of boxes all week. The bad part is that we had to clean as we go because the lady that lived here, moved out the day before we moved in.

    I can not say THANK YOU enough to each and everyone that helped us move out of our “bad” environment. We learned very big lessons this time, that we will not forget about any time soon.

    Just wanted to post a quick note and tell you how much we appreciate you being there for us Stevie.

    Thank you,


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