Research and trying on eye glass frames

I’ve been doing a ton of research into the pricing and options for the new computer I want to get. I’m down to trying to decide between two sellers: MacMall and Apple Store. I would like to go with MacMall because they are the cheapest and the only reason I may have to go with Apple Store is if MacMall can’t customize my purchase. So I’ve sent an email to a sales representative from MacMall asking a bunch of questions and I’ll see what response I get.

It all boils down to the Graphics Card upgrade. Apple Store shows the option on their web site but MacMall does not show it as an option on their web site. I’m hoping it is an option that you can have done, they just don’t advertise on their MacMall web site. So if MacMall does offer the Graphics Card upgrade, I’ll be going with them for the purchase of my new iMac.

I’m still waiting on my income tax return. I turned it in to the Tax Guy last Monday and they said it would take between 10 to 14 days for them to work on it. Then I go in and sign some paper work and pay them the money to do my taxes. Then there is the week or two before the automatic deposit shows up in my account. If it isn’t enough to buy the computer with and my eye glasses then I will have to hold onto the money and combine it with my “raise” in a month or two.

Speaking of glasses (how’s that for a transition). I finally got Shannon to go with me and try on eye glasses at the Optometrist. I went in a couple of weeks back and a nice girl helped me but I can not see a darn thing without my glasses on so trying on new frames is almost useless. So I dragged Shannon along to take a look and give me an opinion of what looks good on me. I got about six pair picked out and then we narrowed it down to two pairs that look good and that I like. I think I have pretty much made up my mind and will go with the Black pair that has a square ear bar and has gray and white squares on the the ear bars. The other pair is kind of a copper or dark gold look and it just doesn’t fit as nicely on my face and I think I like the black frames on my face more. Both are the kind that have the frame along the top of the glass but nothing along the bottom of it.

Now I just have to wait till income tax or raise money to come in to get my eye exam and then purchase the frames. Oh, and both frames are very close to the estimated frame expense she made for me the first trip in. So everything should still cost about $450.00. That is for: frames, lenses, computer anti-glare coating, no-line bifocals, eye exam, and scratch resistant coating.

Now it is just a waiting game.

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