Please, no more snow.

Well a “dusting” turned into a few inches of snow. Probably around 2″ to 3″ of snow here in Raytown. So I had the joy of shoveling the driveway and front side walk, again. My back is not too happy with me right now. Lucky it was a light and fluffy snow this time and we didn’t drive over it to pack it down. I really should invest in a snow blower – but the money, ugh!

Mom and Dad (okay, mostly Dad) will be sad to hear that a favorite restaurant in Kansas City closed (suddenly) this week. Stephenson’s Apple Farm restaurant was closed on Valentine’s Day without a notice to anyone, including the staff. This smells fishy to me. Here is the story covered by our local news.

You may also notice that my blog is now “Snap” engaged. This is a cool little ditty that when you user positions their curser over a link a pop up window will show them the content of that link. In other words the view of the web site the link goes to. Very cool. The only problem is my blog theme has a nifty drop shadow it ads to images that I post and it seems to think the pop up Snap windows should have this same drop shadow… so that is why they look a little chopped up around the bottom and right side of the pop up. Sorry. I’ll try to figure out what code to plop into the header to make it go away.

My friend Jim and I are going to an expensive Mexican restaurant tonight – La Bodega. I hope I find something within my budget that is tasty as well! This will be the first time Jim and I got together since we went out for my birthday in January.

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