Another look at the iMac

Here are some images of the 20″ iMac that I want to buy with income tax return money. If you click on the smaller image a larger image will appear.

This is the front of the computer. Yes, I said the computer. This is it… no tower, this ain’t “just” the monitor… it is the whole computer and only about 1.5″ deep.

Sample 2

This is the side view which shows the CD/DVD port. Yep that little slit is where the disks go. Way cool!

Sample 2

Here is the back view and shows the connections. I could opt for a wireless keyboard and mouse ($60.00 more) and then there would be even less cables… but then again there is the money. I’ll stick to the tethered keyboard and mouse that comes with… free.

Sample 2

The slit along the top on the back view is the heat vent. Also I might add it comes with speakers – you just can’t see them in any of the pictures. The speakers are on the bottom edge of the “monitor” and are designed to bounce the sound off the desk surface. I know… cool!

I wish I could get the 24″ but that would be about $600.00 more. However it would be a better graphics card – a whole step up in fact.

The more research I do on Vista, the more I just want to get XP Pro installed instead. Cost is one thing, but even my IT PC friend Greg is having a headache over Vista Home Pro. That is what scares me. He had to send his partners Del laptop back because of weird stuff happening to it.

I have a couple of months to decide so I’ll keep looking at the research. I’m hoping to time it just right and get the new Mac OS 10.5 installed on the iMac. It’s suppose to be launching (in the rumor mills) February 20th, so that is another key factor in the waiting game. I would love to have Mac OS 10.5 and Vista Home Pro along with Parallels all pre-installed when I purchase. We’ll see.

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