Tax Preperation Ready!

I may be broke but at least I got all my tax information in order and ready to go to the Tax Guy. I have an appointment to see him on Monday February 19 and drop off my tax information. After I drop it off it should be automatically deposited into my checking account in about two weeks.

Hopefully I get a nice big return like last year so I can purchase a new computer and new eyeglasses with it.

I’m going to have to “upgrade” my glasses to bifocals. I was warned about “being on the edge” of needing bifocals last time I got my eyes checked (three years ago!). So I am prepared to go the bifocal way when I go in for my eye exam and get some new frames. I’m figuring around $450.00 for the lenses, exam, frames, no line lenses, computer anti-glare and all. So you can see why I’m hoping for a nice big tax return!

I’ll be glad to get rid of these frames I currently wear. I bought them over five or so years ago so they are a little bit dated.

2 thoughts on “Tax Preperation Ready!

  1. Steve be politically corect… you need progressive lenses! and yes they will cost you about $450.00 for glasses. I need to get mine, I haven’t been able to pay for the new lenses yet.
    Good luck with your new purchases.
    What computer are you going to purchase this time?

  2. Alston, I can never remember the word “progressive” so I just call them “no line” – LOL.

    This is the computer I want to buy and will if I get enough back from taxes.

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