Thursday turned out to be Friday

I thought yesterday was Wednesday all day and so that would make today Thursday. On Thursday nights I put the trash out for early Friday morning pick up (has to be out there by 7:00 AM). So I get to work today and look at the calendar and think, huh, I must have crossed out an extra day, cause’ Thursday is crossed off. Then I look at the computer and sure enough, the day is actually Friday! Next thought “CRAP!” I don’t have the trash out at the curb and I am at work. So that meant calling Shannon and waking him up so he could set the trash out before 7:00 AM. I hope he stayed awake long enought to do that and didn’t fall back to sleep. I’ll find out tonight.

Well, Shannon fell asleep after talking to me on the phone so we will have two weeks worth of trash to deal with. Ugh!

One thought on “Thursday turned out to be Friday

  1. Our landlord actually pays the trash guys a little extra to come into our garage and get our trash for us. I’m sure 4 apartments, all guys, we’d never get the trash out on time!

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