Day before repair

I have to get my “almost new” Honda Element’s front window replaced tomorrow. A rock on the highway popped up and made a tiny little chip – which through the rising and dropping of the temperature made a nice big crack on the passenger side of the front window.

I called AAA and made the arrangements and a window service will be picking up my car while I’m at work and taking it to their shop to replace the window and then letting the seals cure for a couple of hours before returning it to the parking lot at work.

I have to pay a deductible of $250.00 and someone at work suggested that I use my Attendance Award money (in the form of points). I asked our Human Resources person if it would be possible to use point money for the repair and she said it would work. The only problem is that my job will pay the $250.00 via their credit card and then I pay my employer $50.00. The points money can only be used in $100.00 increments and they couldn’t work it out any other way. Hey, I’m happy paying $50.00 in place of the $250.00 that I don’t have!

The only thing I worry about is the glass repair person driving my car from our company parking lot to their shop and then back. My poor new-ish car. I have to not think about it too much.

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