Well, it’s time to do a test…

This is my first “written” post in the new WordPress (WP) software. I am very impressed with all the things you can do with WP. I have a little bit of learning to do. I want to change the style of the site but I’m afraid. I don’t want to screw it up too much so soon.

So far I have turned on the anti-spam stuff and installed a plug-in for email notifications and this post is a test for that. I hope it works. The guys site that I got the plug-in from had a ton of comments with lots of problems. Not a comforting sight.

3 thoughts on “Well, it’s time to do a test…

  1. Looks fine to me. I found no bad links in my clicking through using Firefox 2.
    I have been too busy & lazy to set up a website, even though I have the server space on my account for a small one. We got a little snow and a lot of ice last night. Jonathan ended up in the ditch this morning on his way to church. (Jonathan is my 21 year old son, in the national guard and off to Iraq this August.)

    Gotta run. Kids to beat and all that bullshit ( like I really ever would beat anything – let alone a child.)

    Brother Bob

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