Up with the lights & Family Thanksgiving

Well, it has been a while since my last post. I’ve been in a rut and I think it is finally working it’s way out.

I bought 8 strands of lights and put them up on the roof line of the house. They are the old time C9 (big bulb) lights commonly seen in the 1950’s. All the lights are opaque blue bulbs. It looks great and I’m glad I was finally able to afford the lights and get them up on the house. They had the lights on sale at Ace Hardware and the weather has been so nice it was not a problem to get them onto the house. It did take about 5 hours to accomplish but it was worth it. The lights run along the gutter and then where there is not guttering the lights run along the shingles. I bought these universal plastic clips to put them up with that work with various light bulbs and go onto shingles and guttering. They were easy to use and did a fantastic job.

I also got a light timer that works with a built in sensor and comes on at dusk and off at dawn automatically (so we don’t have to worry about turning them on or off).

The leaves are almost all up. There are tons and we are down to just three large piles now.

I went to Omaha for Thanksgiving to visit my family and ate a ton of food. It was a great visit. Jaki did pretty well on the way up even though she does way too much excited whining. On the way back down from Omaha, she did much better because she was worn out from all the excitement of the visit – so she slept almost the entire way home.

I think I’m going to tinker around with the blog a little and try to trim it up a bit. I’ve added too much junk to it and it (and me) need to go on a diet! I have already got rid of the ads on the side bar and now I think I may change the header, maybe even add a flash menu across the top to eliminate the stuff down the side. I don’t know. It all depends on time and energy.

I hope everyones Thanksgiving was wonderful and I’ll try to keep up the writing in the future.

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