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Well, some of you will have thought I fell off the face of the earth, some not. I have just been busy and lazy at the same time.

Work has been crazy busy. We’ve been putting in the overtime so that means getting up at 3:00 AM (note AM not PM) and starting work at 5:00 AM (usual start time is 7:00 AM). We have a second shift where I work and so the possibility of everyone staying after work instead of coming in early doesn’t work well. Most of the employees share the same computer with the other shift and there are few “empty” seats on both shifts. So we come in 2 hours early and the second shift stays 2 hours later than their shift.

So that kind of explains the no new posts to the blog. By the time I get home I don’t want to touch the computer again.

I contacted the electrician that fixed my mystery plug when I bought the house to see if he could put in 3 outdoor outlets. We have none outside and it’s a pain! He gave me a very good bid so we’ll have them put in on October 2nd (and I get to take the day off and see how he does it, plus extend my weekend). I see outdoor xmas lights on the house this year! Shannon and I are splitting the cost of the outlets which will make it very affordable (there goes some of the overtime money!).

Jaki has three vertebrae that are too close together (in-between her front shoulder blades) and they got irritated/injured again Thursday night. She jumped off the couch when I brought Shannon home from work. She was in extreme pain all day Friday with lots of crying and screaming and by Friday evening she was acting a lot more normal. We have some pain/muscle relaxing pills that we give her when it starts acting up and we are almost out so today I will be picking up a new bottle at the vet.

There is nothing we can do but wait for the pain to subside and try to keep it from getting re-injured. It was heart breaking to see her in such pain and all we could do was comfort her and hope the pills kicked in soon. Speaking of, we gave her a pill Thursday night and I think it started to help her but she jumped up into bed with me in the middle of the night and I think that is when she twisted it and made things very much worse. The pill bottle says only 1/2 pill a day so I didn’t want to give her one Friday morning even though she was in such pain. Shannon called the vet when they opened and they said we could up the dose to two half pills a day but then we have to work her off of them when she shows a 12 hour improvement.

We have to get more diligent in keeping her off the furniture and no more jumping. Yea, right, this will be easy. It’s like telling a fish not to swim!

I bought an electric leaf blower/vac for $39 at the hardware store and it will come in handy this Fall with all our leaves. We have to pay to have them taken away so the 10 to 1 bag mulching ratio will help us out. Shannon bought an electric chain saw (small one) so we can cut up some of the limbs that fall from the trees to use in our cast iron chimenee. We are very anxious for the outdoor electrical outlets, can you tell?!

Well, I think we are up to speed!

One thought on “Keeping Current

  1. Steve be very greatful for the overtme and having a job !!

    I’m going back to the Container Store!! This was a very challenging summer and begnning of fall!


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