I just turned 1,000

Well, tonight I saw my odometer roll past 1,000. My little baby is getting older with every pass of each mile. I still love my new car! I’m going to try and give it a “first car wash” Thursday night. I am trying to dodge all the rain showers we have had.

I know it’s silly but today while gassing up I got to clean the front windshield for the first time. There were so many little bugs on it I could hardly stand it. Cleaning the Honda windshield was a lot easier than the Isuzu because I could almost reach all the way across in one pass.

I’m keeping track of the MPG. I did miss the very first fill up but I’ve gotten each one since and so far I am averaging 22 MPG with most of the driving interstate. So I am below the estimated 24 MPG interstate as stated on the car info. The big test will be this weekend when the driving will be almost 100% interstate. I’ll definitely put the XM radio to use too!

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