Now that is an organized garage!

Well my garage “make over” is almost complete. I only have to buy one more hanging rack for the snow shovels and then it will be done. I will get that next weekend and put it up. I spent about six hours last Saturday working on sweeping, sorting, organizing, and then finally hanging everything up on purchased hangers. One track hanger was left by the previous home owner, although I doubt they got much use out of it because of how it was poorly put up. They should have used screws to put it up and they used a hammer and nails! Since the shape of the track made it impossible to hammer the nail all the way to the track it made the whole thing kind of flop around on the wall. Needless to say I put it up with screws and into studs so it would be secure!

Let’s go to the pictures, shall we. Click on any picture to see a larger view of it in a new window.

Here is the side with all the garden tools. I grouped the most used towards the garage entrance and smaller tools further in (incase they fell off they wouldn’t hurt the car as bad).

Same wall looking out the garage door.

On the other wall I hung the ladders, seeder/feeder, and the trash cans.

Here is another angle of same wall, looking out the garage door.

Next to the garage-to-house door is the shelving I already put up last year and the first refrigerator I bought when moving into the house. I shoved Shannon’s huge, heavy, wooden kitchen table (in a big flat box) up against the wall and put the fridge next to it to keep it upright. I piled up on the fridge a bunch of light but rather large boxes of stuff.

Then there is the last corner of the garage that houses the two bikes stacked in a nice rack also purchased last year on sale at Target. The old lawn mower is going to be given away to a co-worker that has a friend that repairs/fixed/sales old lawnmowers.

Buying the new car pretty much set off the cleaning frenzy in the garage. The old Isuzu was slightly smaller but I hated getting in and out every day and having to squeeze through all the crap up against the walls of the garage and scattered on the floor. The old organization didn’t hold up because it was hard to get into the corner to put the tools back, and once that pattern started it just multiplied. Really there was only one or two things that I took out of the garage. I basically reorganized all the stuff on the walls and that made all the difference. It is very easy to see and reach all the tools and it will be very easy to put them right back on the wall.

This morning I spent an hour vacuuming all the dust, spiders, and spider webs in the basement. There was one in the corner behind a broom (how ironic) that was as huge as a marble and had made it’s self a web tunnel that it ran into when I approached. Let’s just say the web tunnel was no match for the vacuum! We have had an outbreak of spiders lately. We will need to keep up on the vacuuming down there to keep them at bay.

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