Proof of birds and a cleaner shower

Here is proof of the birds at the feeder. We finally are getting a nice feeding pattern started. Even our little ground squirrel got into the act, although he stuffed his cheeks from the ground – he wasn’t on the feeder. You’ll have to excuse me for the quality of bird photos; I was shooting through the kitchen blinds – trying not to spook the birds. So that is what the fuzzy horizontal lines are.

We got a maid to clean our shower. Okay, so it’s not a person but that nifty little device from Scrubbing Bubbles that does all the work. If you want to get one then go to their web site and print off a $5 coupon and buy it at Walmart where they only cost $19.88. It comes with two bottles of the cleaner refills.

We are going to give it a go and see if it keeps the “black mold” at bay – it’s a real problem. We need to make over the bathroom next spring with income tax money and rip out all the dry wall and put some green board in there to help eliminate the mold problem.

So here’s our little shower cleaner and a new shower caddy that with my 20% off coupon and my birthday $20 gift card only cost me $14!!! What a deal. I completely forgot I had the gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond. They are starting a new employee recognition thing at work this year and celebrating their employees birthdays with a balloon, card, and gift card of choice. I like it!

It says we’ll notice the difference in about 14 days – so I’ll get back with ya on this shower cleaner do-dad.

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