An Apple a day…

Lately, Apple has been doing some really cool things! They’ve come out with a MacBook which is awesome and I hope to get one next year to replace my current setup (which is very old in computer standards=2001 purchase). Although the MacBook Pro would probably be the better choice for me with it’s 17″ display and auto sensing keyboard back light. As the light in the room dims the light under the keys grows stronger – very cool!

5thAvenueStore.gifThen there is the fantastic looking 24 hour Apple Store in New York that recently opened up. My friend Alston lives in New York and went to the opening. He sent me some pictures he took going through the store and it is just packed with people! It looks really cool at night all lit up.

NikePlusiPod.gifAn upcoming cool product is a joint adventure with Nike. It is really cool (I would never use it because I am definitely not a runner)! Basically with Nike’s running shoes, Apples iPod Nano, and this little sensor in your shoe soles and it’s accompanying transmitter plugged into your Nano you get a workout trainer and feed back while working out!!! Check out the Nike+ site and watch the advertisement video – it explains it all! Technology is just getting really cool!

I have an extra long weekend ahead. I have Monday off for Memorial Day and a vacation day on Tuesday. I’m calling this a mini vacation to no where. I have absolutely no money so it kind of sucks but I will try to make it a good break from work.

One thought on “An Apple a day…

  1. Steve, I had a great time on my birthday! I went to the Stationary Show. I saw a few folks I know from KC. Also got great idea for the company I’m presently working for. I’m so glad you liked the images from the new Apple Store. You are not the only one talking about the new MacBook. I would like to have one too for on the road! Time will tell Ps. they are wiring Central park for wireless connections should be done before the summer is over!


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