Dinner and a coffee please!

I had the pleasure of going to dinner with my friend Jim. We went to a place in mid town called Mi Mi’s Saigon 39. It is a Vietnamese restaurant and the food is excellent. It had been a while since we had eaten there. Afterwards Jim and I went to the Plaza and had a blended cold drink at Latté Land. I had a Polar Wave and Jim had some pink thing made with bananas and raspberries. Mine had coffee and chocolate in it. So yes they were more like deserts than a cup of joe. We sat there for a couple of hours and talked and people watched. It was a beautiful evening.

Then the cops showed up across the street at a VERY fancy restaurant (appetizers are around $20 or more – type fancy, like I’ve never eaten there fancy). I watched the news later that night and they just mentioned something about a person getting held up either in front of or in the restaurant – I don’t remember.

Here is a picture of Jim and I at Latt̩ Land. I emailed a copy of it to a friend of ours in New York that would go out to dinner with us all the time РAlston. It was kind of a birthday email/card for Alston since his birthday is Monday and he turns 55. Happy Birthday Alston!!!

Click on the picture to see a larger view in another window.

It has turned into a lovely day today. Looks like Shannon should get out there and mow the lawn. I need to get cleaned up and get some groceries and do my laundry today. I cleaned a bunch of strawberries that Shannon’s folks brought up from Bolivar Missouri with them on Friday. I froze two containers of them and then put Splenda on the cut up ones and set that in the fridge to get all nice and sweet.

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