Happy Mother’s Day 2006 Mom!

I made a little movie for Mom on Mother’s Day. I used 16 pictures dating from 1951 through 1979. So it covers the births of my two older brothers and of course Me!. It’s a short little movie so don’t worry about it taking a long time to watch. It’s only a couple of minutes long. The song I used is a bit depressing but I also felt it was appropriate for the movie. Besides Elvis is one of Mom’s favorite singers.

I had a lot of trouble getting the text to show well after the compression but it still gets the feeling across. I made a DVD version on another program but realized there would be no time left to get it to her seeing I finished it late last night. So I started all over in another application so I could make it a Movie rather than a DVD. Let’s just call the first one a practice run. Plus I can mail it to her and she then could have a “hard copy” of the movie. The DVD is much clearer and the pictures obviously larger.

If you would like to see it then you will need the free QuickTime player and to click here.

Enjoy Mother’s Day everyone!

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