Woe is me

My car has a “check engine” light glaring at me. I thought it could be from not putting the gas cap on correctly but that didn’t seem to solve the problem. So now I will have to make the long trek to the dealership. They are about 15 minutes further south than were I work (which is 25 minutes from where I live). I am not looking forward to this.

I am also taking this as an omen. I don’t get great gas milage with the SUV so maybe I should look for a car. I’ve been checking cars out online. Next I will go and sit in them and see if my bad back can handle the ride. The main reason for the SUV is the “slide right in” from a standing position. With a car I have to bend down to get in and then there is the angle they make car seat which is not as 90 degree as SUV’s seats. My back likes the 90 degree thigh to floor ratio.

All this on top of “low funds” in my old bank account. A very stressful weekend this is turning out to be.

Shannon and I were suppose to go get the fence sections from Home Depot in Independence Friday night but I called them before we went just to make sure they carried the fence in stock and not “special order” like the other locations. Well, guess what, they also carry the fence as “special order” too. So the Lee’s Summit store lied to us (probably just to get us out of their hair). So we are still without the “walls” to our compost box. Now we have to figure out what to do next. Order the fence or build it? It takes 14 days to special order the fence.

Just great! >:|

One thought on “Woe is me

  1. Steve, why don’t you contact Home Depot headquarters and complain about the run around you are getting from the slaes assocaites. You would be surprised how affective this can be sometime. i recently hada problem with my postal deleivery. I contacted them and actually got a lettring from the Postmaster general. The issuew was also resolved !

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