Confusion Purchases

I have some accumulated points from perfect attendance at work (8 years mind you). I cashed in $200.00 in points (1 point = $1.00) and got them on Home Depot Gift Cards. Shannon and I are going to build a compost box and I figured that would pretty much cover the cost of supplies and maybe have a little left over.

We went to Home Depot last night after a very inexpensive Chinese buffet! The food was great. They recently were bought out by someone and the food quality has greatly improved! Back to the project. We bought pre-made sections of fence to use for the box walls and all the other things like hinges and quickset cement. Shannon also wanted to get the soil for the garden (food/flower) that will be on the side of the house with the Arbor. So we got 40 bags of top soil (only 98 cents each and they are big bags!).

Apparently the cashier didn’t know much because she should have pointed out to us that the fence we were trying to buy was a “special order” only and so that caused a bunch of problems. Then wen we get to the top soil area to load up 40 bags they only give us 38 but that isn’t discovered till we unload them at home. The cashier also charged me for 6 posts when we only had 4. I have a very confusing bunch of receipts! I have the original, the credit for the 2 posts, and then the credit for the fence sections.

We will have to go to another Home Depot tonight that carries that same fence in stock (not special order like the Lee’s Summit store). I’ll be able to use the store credit from last nights purchases to get the fences.

So now the fun begins. We have to clear the area for the compost box and then dig holes, pour the concrete and hope the 4 posts set up nice and purty – not all crooked.

4 thoughts on “Confusion Purchases

  1. Steve you expect too much from sales assocaites ! Yes it’s what they shoud do is to inform customers, but most often so many can barely work the registers !

  2. You got that right! One time at Lowe’s I had to look at the register screen and help the cashier figure out what to do. That was just sad!!

  3. Steve/Shannon, keep up the great work on that house. I love to see guys work hard on their investments to increase the value and also to enjoy what they own and work very hard for.

    Selling our home here and know what all the work can do for you. Keep it up and be proud of your home.


    Greg/Ron/Rufus and Fiona

  4. Thanks Greg/Ron/Rugus and Fiona! It feels more and more comfortable around here with all the little improvements. I can’t wait for the garden to get going. That will probably be more like next year (at least to be a good solid garden with vegies and stuff!). Good luck with the house selling process!

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