New window and sliding door

This is a little late in appearing on my blog but I was busy, okay?

On March 28, 2006 I had my old kitchen window and sliding door replaced using my income tax return money (like all of it). I used a builder that my friend Jim used for his kitchen update and also a co-worker of mine got her kitchen updated by the same builder.

Here’s the pictures of the day. I took the day off so I could record and observe (maybe learn a thing or two and I did). Click on any photo to see a larger version in a new window.

The new window and door leaning on the side of the garage:

John and Lee taking the wood shingles off the house:

Out comes the old sliding door:

Big gapping holes in the side of the house:

John sizes the opening, holding the new slider in place:

The deck is their work shop:

The new window is in place and now to piece the wood shingles back on:

“Builder Bill” sweeping up during the install and Lee piecing shingles around window area:

The new window is finished and shades hung back up:

The new slider is finished and vertical blinds hung back up:

The finished look from the outside. Also there is our new gas grill (first gas grill – all others were charcoal):

Once the shingles shrink up a bit and we caulk up the gaps, prime them, then paint the whole house it will look like it was always there. The house is going to get painted here in the next month. We have the colors picked out – just need to wait for the weather to behave.

I can already tell the difference with the new kitchen window and slider. The hallway thermometer can say 68 and the kitchen use to say 65 with the old window and door. Now the kitchen is the same temperature as the hallway. It will make a big difference in the heating and cooling bills!

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