What an internet mess!

I have been battling an internet connection for three months now. The last two months have been the worst. It doesn’t help that it is an intermitted problem. Sometimes I have a great internet connection, others there is no connection.

I have had everything from the pole to the house replaced, the connections in the basement switched and replaced, and a new modem.

I’m sick of it all. Any more problems and it’s time to look for another provider.

This is why I haven’t had many blog posts lately. I am lucky enough to check my email.

One thought on “What an internet mess!

  1. It sounds to me that’s what you should do , look for another provider. Have you consiered the Cable company? There connection seem to be pretty reliable for me. Sadly Earthlink’s service is not what it used to be. Could it be all the out sourcing ?

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