Am I connected or not?!

Well, I posted too soon before about the internet is mine again. I have an “intermitted” problem with my internet connection. Our cable TV is fine but the connection to the internet is a gamble. There have been 3 repair men out and still no clue as to what is wrong. The modem is fine, the computer is fine, so we are going to try again and have a service man come out (hopefully while the problem happens) on next Saturday morning between 8 and 10:00 AM. That is a common time for the connect to just go bye-bye.

Shannon and I went out to eat last night and it was a horrible experience! We went to Fritz Grille in Lee’s Summit and it is a kind of fancy place. We had been there a couple times before and no problems. This time it was bad. For starters the table they sat us at had a glob of what looked like mayo on the “clean table.” We asked for it to be cleaned off and thought nothing of it. We ordered Calamari and when it came we were very disgusted. It was under cooked and very rubbery. We sent it back and got another appetizer instead. While eating our salads I thought I felt something on the bottom of the my small appetizer plate. When I flipped it over to look at the bottom – it was covered with dried on carmel sauce.
Both Shannon and I felt nauseous and the meal was OVER! We showed the small appetizer plate to the waitress and she just asked if we were threw with it – she had no clue. We had to point out to her that the stuff was dried on and she gave it to us that way. We asked to cancel the rest of the food we had ordered and to charge us for what we ate. We paid and left. We will NOT go back!

We were still a little hungry after all that so we went to Perkins and had the rest of our meal!

I finally got my estimate from Builder Bill (his name is Bill and he was a couple of my friends’ builder for their kitchens – hence the name). We are getting out kitchen window and kitchen sliding patio door replaced with something less “breezy” hopefully! He will be ordering the window and door since I said okay on his price. It was well under my max price and still leave me room for “this will have to be fixed before we continue” problems they may encounter while doing the work. This is an old house and I just know they will come across something that will add to the price. I hope not, but I have the money just in case.

With the left over money I am going to put some into savings, some will go to a inexpensive propane grill (the charcoal one I use to have fell apart last Fall), and some for a new door to the garage or front entry. Both doors leak like crazy.

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