The Internet is Mine (again)

For the past week I have been unable to make a stable connection to the internet. I called Comcast and they said my cable modem was only working at 40%. So a service call was put in and they just left our house. The cable guy said I was getting too much cable strength and it was acting like noise and so he put a new connector on the cable lines in the basement and said they would send someone out to do the same to the cable from the house to the pole.

I didn’t realize how much I rely on internet connection. So many applications now a days require a connection for it to run correctly.

I haven’t heard back yet from the builder Bill but should tonight. Builder Bill came over with a friend and looked at my kitchen sliding door and kitchen window. I am looking to replace the drafty energy hungry things and do it with my income tax return money (which I have now). I just hope they give me a price that fits nicely with my budget!

One thought on “The Internet is Mine (again)

  1. When all else fails barter ! You need the repairs I’m sure he could use your services at soe point. Yes we are dependent on our interent conections. Make sure they give you credit for the time you were not operating 100%

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