Weekend of work

Saturday I spent a large portion of the day (4.5 hours) over at a co-workers house working on her computer. I was doing a major overhaul on it. Here’s the list of what I performed:

  • Attach External Hard Drive, format and partition.
  • Install OS X 10.4
  • Install Updaters
  • Install UserOpPatch1.9 (to force the OS recognize an external DVD Drive)
  • Install iLife ’06
  • Install iWork ’06
  • Setup .Mac account on Apple web site
  • Set Parental Controls and go over what actions should be taken.
  • Correct User Accounts (kids accounts were set as Administrative and should not be – also was set to automatically startup as one of the kids accounts instead of the login window)
  • Install new printer-fax-scanner
  • Install Fonts
  • Install Fonts into Font Book and show how to use the font utility
  • Introduction to Widgets, Safari, and around the new features of the OS X 10.4

I got paid $20 an hour for the work and I was going as fast as I could so I wouldn’t waist her time and money.

I was ready to relax after that intense mental workout! So Shannon and I went to Wally’s Buffet in Independence. It was okay – kind of cheap and the food was too. We may go back, we may not.

Today is laundry, balance check book, pay bills, and cut my hair. Then at 6:00 PM I’ll be over at my friend Bense’s apartment having dinner.

Tomorrow I go to work and I’m going to have a talk with my supervisor and his supervisor because I am just not happy with the situation I’m in. I’ll talk about that later.

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