Night at the Movies

Well I finally made it to Brokeback Mountaind.

Shannon and I went last night and it was a great movie. I haven’t been to any movie for over a year or more. I just don’t like the theatre “experience” much any more. Too many rude people have ruined it for me.

The movie had great mountain scenery and some fantastic acting. It was very true to the time era of 1963 (from what I have heard through stories older friends have told) in depicting homosexuality’s acceptance in America (or lack there of). It really shows how far acceptance has come and how far it still needs to go.

Go see it.

One thought on “Night at the Movies

  1. Gals you saw the movie ! It’s an amazing love story . it’s definteily going to win at the Academy Awards. Philip Seymour Hoffman will win for best actor in Capote.

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