Tax Time!

I got all my tax stuff put together, accounted fore, and all the 1099’s that I’m gonna get. I just need to drop it all off at the tax preparer (Mercer and Mercer Inc) and I’m doing that this morning. I should get my results in about a week or less (depending on how busy they are).

I hope I get a lot back! I need to put some in a savings, some toward bills, and some on home repairs. I wish I could put all of it toward home repairs but I just can’t. I’m hoping next year I will be able to use some of it to buy a new computer. As computers go this one I’m using is very old, but with the few additions I made to it last year it should keep me going for a year or so.

Shannon’s off today. He had to use his Personal Time Off or loose it. He has been off work since Tuesday to use up Personal Time Off. He’s broke so it hasn’t been a real fun time off for him.

One thought on “Tax Time!

  1. Be glad you are getting a refund! I unfortunately owe the IRS some money…so my refund will go towards that ! UGH!

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