New Bed

Shannon and I loaded up my mattress and box spring set and took it up to Independence CostCo and got a manufacture warranty return of $369.39. Then went into the CostCo store with my $115 coupon and got the brand new set ($549.99) which ended up only costing me $106.02 after the coupon and warranty return money. Not bad. I got the mattress that we returned tonight back in January 2002, so it lasted four years before it started poking springs out the side of it. Let’s hope this one lasts longer.

One thought on “New Bed

  1. Congrats, at changing the bed… beds should last longer that a couple of years. I’m inht process of lookingfor a new bed myself (the frame) whata challenge! Everything is so expensive.

    I’ll keep comparing prices before I make a decision.

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