Happy Birthday to us!

Today I turn 43 and my Dad turns 86. I was born on my dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I got a great hand made card from my Mom and Dad (Mom did all the work I think), some cash from Mom and Dad (which I think went to bills rather than play), 8 red carnations and an Ab Lounge Pro from Shannon (and a wonderful card – not hand made). I’d have to say this birthday is great so far.

I went out to dinner with Shannon last night to Jerusalem Cafe and it was great. I ate way too much because it all tasted so good! Shannon hadn’t really been there before so he got this enormous “feast” and it really was enough food for two easily. He took home over half the food. He loved the place and can’t wait to go back!

Tonight I am going to dinner with my friend Jim. We’ll be going to a very nice (and kind of expensive) Italian restaurant – il truelio (spelling??) I haven’t been there in years and look forward to it. Shannon will be at work today so that is why we went out last night to dinner.

Weird thing – I ate a lot yesterday, I got on the scales this morning and it said 207 (so I lost 4 pounds overnight). For breakfast, Shannon and I went to Neighbor’s Cafe and I had a ton of food – chicken fried steak and two eggs, with hash browns, toast, and orange juice. This chicken fried steak took up half the plate it was huge (the size of my open hand) – and I ate it all. So it wasn’t like I ate well yesterday to loose the weight today. Very odd.

Hold on! I have a package at my door! Brother Bill and family sent me a package from Jaarsma Bakery! Wow, just in time for my Birthday too! It is a great assortment of their Dutch pastries! It looks something like this:

Good thing I’m in the first stage of my diet! Thanks Bill, Peggy, and Joe!!

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