Happy New Year 2006!

I hope everyone is recovering from last night if you were one of those out there drinking and having fun! I had a nice quite evening at home with Jaki and Shannon. Well, Shannon for most of the night – he went to bed at 10:00 PM. He had to work Saturday and he is at work today – so he was tired and needed the sleep more than seeing 2006 roll in. Really it comes down to just another day and another turn of a calendar page.

I guess my resolution is to loose the 30 something pounds I put on in 2004/2005. I am ready and willing to do it so it will happen. It will take the full year of 2006 to get the 30 pounds off – so it ain’t going to be a quick fix and that is okay. I understand this and am willing to wait for the reward.

Another resolution is to be more tight with my money and save some for xmas 2006 and for other emergencies that may occur throughout the approaching year. I have a bad habit of “if I have it – I spend it” and that has to stop.

And the last resolutions that I will attempt is to work on projects around the house that need my attention and finish them as they are started in a timely manner. I have a tendency to start them and they may sit for a few days or weeks before completion.

There it is for everyone that happens upon this page to see. Saying it is the easy part, now following through is the tough bit.

Good luck everyone in 2006 and let’s all try to better ourselves in some small way!

One thought on “Happy New Year 2006!

  1. Happy New Steve, follow thorugh is difficult… but I do plan on making 2006 a stellar year !

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