Holiday Crunch

Well the holidays are winding down along with the clock to the New Year.

I had a nice trip to see my folks in Omaha, Nebraska. Jaki did exceptionally well on the trip up and back down. I have discovered the road noise along with the accompanying loud music makes her crazy during the trips. So now I use my iPods ear buds to listen to the music and she has a pleasant trip (along with me).

I got really nice gifts from my folks and brother. I am going to try and break the cycle of “no money” around the end of the year so I can buy my family and friends gifts in 2006!!! It will be a struggle but I need for it to happen. I always feel lousy not giving gifts.

I did manage to get Shannon a gift. I was able to afford a refurbished iPod Shuffle. He listens to music non stop while working and really needed a good MP3 player. I probably shouldn’t have spent it but I just felt I had to. He really liked it and had pretty much guessed what it was before opening it. (that jerk! LOL)

I hope to spend my Birthday money from my folks on a new (replacement) mattress set later in January. I bought the set I have from CostCo and the mattress has coil springs sticking out of the sides! It has a 10 year warranty so I have to lug it back to the store to get it exchanged for a new one. However I will be short money because I got it on sale so I will have to use my Birthday money to cover the difference.

Shannon, and a couple of friends of mine are going out for Happy Hour and Dinner tonight. It will be nice. We never get out and do things lately because of the money and different work schedules.

Happy New Year everyone!

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