Day off with pay

I get today and Monday off for Christmas with pay. We don’t get any Christmas bonuses where I work. Nor do we get cost of living bonuses. It boils down to: no bonuses, period.

They did try to give us a “special treat” on Wednesday and had the vending service provide Chicken breast, Hamburger, Broughts, cold slaw, potatoe salad and cookies. Everything was cold and the cookies were hard as rocks. It is the first time in about ten years they have provided us with a free meal and it wasn’t very good and not even in a holiday theme – more like a summer pick-nick.

The main reason we never get “free” food is too many employees ruin it for everyone else. You should have seen some of the plates leaving the food line. They would have one (or more) of every possible combination of sandwich and then pile on as much food as possible. Because of a few the rest of us will never see free food again. It always happens. We have some very “I deserve THIS!!!” kind of employees.

I do think if they gave us raises more often and you saw the profits being shared amongst us little people instead of the big boys, there might be more employee pride. Instead we see the big boys getting new cars and the children of the family that owns the business getting new cars and “free money” every year. While our pay scale is that of an employee from 1982.

Alas I forget the holiday spirit. They tried to give us some little token of “good job” and we just mis-interpret it. Thanks for the food and pat on the back, can I have a ride in your shiny new car?

One thought on “Day off with pay

  1. Steve, I hear you loud and clear. This world is not getting better sad to say. I’m sure you heard we had a transit srike here, which made commuting a living nightmare. Not to mention outrageously expensive. I had to get to Manhattan two days of the strke it cost me appoximately $50 each day to get to and from home. Alas it’s over and let’s hope everyhing gets back to normal. Well I wish you Shannon and Jaki a wonderful holiday season. I know what’s coming in January for you wink !!

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