No connection, No work.

Sorry I haven’t written all week. My internet connection has not been working. It’s finally working today. So I’ve been off the computer all week. If I was lucky I could connect long enough to get my email.

We got snow and we got hit hard! It started on Wednesday morning and didn’t stop till Thursday. It usually takes me a half an hour to drive home from work and on that day it took two hours to drive home. We got about 10″ of snow.

Most of that snow is melting now. The streets are clear but there is a lot still on the ground.

Read an interesting article in my Consumer Reports magazine. Verizon Wireless is the top cell phone company for service and quality. I use Verizon for my cell phone and have never had any problems that I hear other people complain about (with their companies). I think in the five or so years I’ve been with Verizon I’ve had 2 dropped calls (and it was probably due to the other persons phone being on Sprint service).

One thought on “No connection, No work.

  1. Hey buddy, thanks for your help on my PDF files.
    WOW KC is goingto havea pre white Christmas!!
    Here in New York we only gota sprinkling of snow last week. It’s clearing up already. I got my PC lap top back so I’m goingto try to get it fucntioning . That’a all for now !

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