Thanksgiving, New Phones, & Housework

Shannon spent his Thanksgiving with his folks and I went to Omaha to see my folks. Unfortunately the day I had to drive up I also had to do overtime which means a 3:00 AM wake up call and to be at work by 5:00 AM. So i was VERY tired when I got to Omaha to say the least.

Thanksgiving day Mom had the turkey in the oven and everything was going as planned. Mom had timed everything to be done for a 2:30 PM Lunch/Dinner. Well, 2:30 PM can and the turkey just did not look done. Mom had my brother Bill start to cut into the bird and it was defiantly not done.

It was then discovered that the oven was warm but not as hot as it should be. Mom cranked it up to 400 degrees and then checked a thermometer to see the oven was off by about 150 to 200 degrees. Hence why everything else (all the side dishes) were cooking and done but the turkey was not done. The turkey needed a temperature over 325 to cook and when Mom set the over to 325 it really wasn’t hot enough to cook the turkey.

So the turkey made a trip to the basement where the Roaster Oven was and there it would stay till it was completely cooked. Around 5:00 we gave up on it getting completely done and cut off some dark and white meat to speed cook in the microwave while the rest of the turkey continued to cook in the roaster oven.

Everyone was starving. Dad, Mom and I had only had coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and that was around 9:00 AM so we were defiantly ready to eat!

Everything worked out great after that.

I have a plan with Verizon that I get a new phone every two years and that time was here. So I went to the Verizon store in Lee’s Summit and spent about two and a half hours looking over the selection of phones. I had a hard time finding the right phone. They all have too much crap on them. I just wanted a simple phone. Plus I wanted to get a second phone for free if possible so Shannon could get an upgraded phone.

I finally choose the sale phone they were advertising in all the ads and papers. The Samsung a950 phone that comes with a Samsung a630 free (after rebates). The a950 is a camera, video, music MP3 phone but I won’t be using any of that stuff, maybe the camera once in a blue moon. But for the money it was the best offer. My “new every 2 year” plan gives me a phone discount of $99 off any phone. So I basically got two new phones for about $45. No other combinations of phones offered that deal.

I have to remember to phone Verizon and have them stop the “one month free trial” of the V cast and stuff. Otherwise they will just continue to bill me till I tell them to stop.

Today is laundry, cooking turkey noodle soup (thanks Mom for the home made noodles and turkey broth), balancing the check book (not pretty but at least a positive balance) and web work.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, New Phones, & Housework

  1. Sounds like you hada very evenful Thanskgiving holiday ! Anyway, it sounds like everything turned out OK. Glad you have your neew phone. I have the 790 which is the global phone. I’ve been enjoying it so far.

    Take care


  2. Steve what version of Quicktime do I need.? I was not able to save it as you instructed. (the Madonna MP3)

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