Fallen behind, moving ahead, dinner for six.

Well, I’ve been very bad about blogging lately. I will work on changing that.

Saturday I cleaned out the gutters. My what a fun job. I’m still to chicken to get on the roof to do it. I’m afraid I’ll bend over to reach the gutters and roll off the roof. So I go along the edge of the house with the ladder resting on the gutter (exactly what I’m not suppose to do) and reach in about chest high into the gutter and pull the debris out. I thought I could use a tip for cleaning the gutters where you cut the bottom off a 1/2 gallon milk jug and use it to scoop out the gutters. My gutters are very old and too narrow for the milk jug. So I did it by hand like the other times.

That pretty much wiped me out. I had to take a nap with Jaki in the living room.

Saturday evening I went to my friend Jim’s house for a dinner party. It was a great evening! I brought Hummus and Pita for the appetizer; Ria made Salad; Matt and Adrienne made Cake for desert; Van made new potatoes ala rose mary, and Jim made the Asparagus and Filet Mignons. We had a few glasses of wine, a lot of conversation and where entertained by the Roto-Rooter Man from Blue Springs that was called to Jim’s clogged sink rescue.

Before any guest had even arrived, Jim’s kitchen sink backed up with milky “stuff” which happens a few times a year due to him living in a Condo and the upstairs folks put too much down their disposal. Jim handled it very well and the evening went without a hitch otherwise. The work of the Plumber didn’t even interfere with the dinner. We were in the living room with the appetizer when he arrived.

I brought my iPod with me to show Van. He’s thinking of getting one and wanted to see what it was like first hand and ask questions.

Jim had some great music from the early diso years that he played during the evening. It was very fun. Thanks Jim!

I have to get a move on to weatherize the windows today – while the temperature is decent.

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